bojka_woda145 cm of perfect visibility

The SMB must be visible at a long distance. The bright color of the xDEEP buoy is clearly visible even during unfavorable weather conditions and complies with the requirements of the maritime visibility standards. 

The SMB is not an advertising banner, therefore we decided to leave the buoy material free from the big logo of the xDEEP to make the bright-coloured surface as large as possible.



glowVisible also at night and at very long distances

The xDEEP SMB is equipped with a special 3M Scotchlite reflective tape with SOLAS maritime visibility certificate. 

This perfect fluorescent material guarantees that your buoy will be visible at a very long distance. It is especially important at sea where at night it is very difficult to make out something as small as a surface marker buoy.




awaryjny_wyporEmergency buoyancy device in a few seconds

In emergency situations, you may need to have an additional source of buoyancy which will help you or any other diver remain surfaced. 

The xDEEP SMB can be converted in a few seconds into an emergency source of buoyancy by clipping its ends together with a double-ended snap hook. 

It is an ideal solution since you take the buoy with you every time you dive.




klarAlways ideally cleared and at hand

In the lower part, the SMB is equipped with a rubber band loop which the rolled up buoy is ideally cleared and takes up little space. 

Such a solution is much better than any buoy holder, since when it is needed, you can unroll it with one move without wasting time.




loopEasy to deploy

The lower loop in the xDEEP SMB was made in such a way so as to maintain its round shape which makes it easier to move the reel or to clip the double-ended snap hook together. 

This apparently small change is a huge convenience and speeds up the deployment of the buoy especially when you do it in poor visibility conditions. 

We did not use a fixed snap hook on purpose so that in case of the damage of its spring you do not have to unstitch the buoy to replace it.